Juliet McMains

Dance Artist | Educator | Scholar


Juliet is a dance omnivore, devouring almost any dance practice with a voracious appetite, but she has a special place in her dance stomach for partnering, improvisation, and social dances of Latin America and the African Diaspora.


Upcoming events:

Submergence, January 25-27, Meany Theatre

In a new dance directed by Juliet McMains, five dancers represent different facets of one couple’s relationship. This Cubist version of love in all its messy angles is set against a film of underwater tango. Through the distortions and refractions of light on the submerged couple, the film evokes the multiple and shifting lenses through which we experience self in dialogue with another. The movement weaves together tango and contemporary partnering to explore fluid expressions of gender, sexuality, love, and loss. An original score by composer Ben Thomas similarly juxtaposes tango’s iconic bandoneón with modern jazz to inject a fresh, resonant musical dimension.

Presented as part of the University of Washington 2019 Faculty Dance Concert

  • January 25, 26 at 7:30pm, Jan. 27 at 2pm, Meany Theatre, Seattle, WA

Andrew Smith, Annalisa Brinchmann, Juliet McMains, and Kevin Lam in Submergence. (Photos by Steve Korn)