Juliet has taught workshops at festivals and universities across the U.S., Asia, and Latin America.  All of her classes offer a balance of skill-building and creative exploration of improvisational delights. Juliet can be hired to teach alone or with one of her teaching partners:  including Carlos Moreno, Conrad McGreal, and Boris Startsev. 

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Juliet offers classes in salsa on-1 and salsa on-2 as well as salsa dance history. Her teaching focus on musicality and creative expression. Juliet has been teaching salsa since 1999 and has been responsible for precipitating a clave obsession in thousands of students.



Juliet is skilled at both leading and following (which she prefers to call "interpreting") and enjoys teaching both roles to seasoned dancers as well as tango neophytes. She has taught tango at the Seattle Fusion Festival, the 8th Style School of Tango, Cellspace, and the University of Washington.


Ballroom & Swing

Juliet teaches a range of ballroom dances (waltz, foxtrot, quickstep, samba, rumba, polka, cha cha cha) and swing dance styles (East Coast, West Coast, lindyhop, Charleston). Her classes focus on communication, improvisation, and musicality, prioritizing social dance values over the aesthetics of competition styles. 


Partnering for Concert Dancers


Juliet draws together deep knowledge of partnering traditions from social dance practices, including salsa, tango, swing, ballroom, and contact improvisation with concert dance traditions of ballet and contemporary dance. She has developed a method for translating partnering skills used by social dancers for application in other settings, unlocking the sweet joys of losing (and finding) yourself in dialogue with another.